Precast Mobile Machines

GEC distributes in several countries of South East Asia European precast concrete mobile machines. Those machines allow the production of any type of precast concrete element, such as U channel, New Jersey, box culverts, road barriers etc. in a fully automatic way, with one operator only and one other worker to load the concrete into the hopper.

The production cycle takes from 5 to 10 min depending on the mould characteristics to make 1 to 8 pieces. The machine is not guided by rails, allowing to use it in any flat surface indoor or outdoor. Using dry cast concrete in this process, allows a much higher output than wet cast, with a huge reduction of labour. Different models are available according to the size of the concrete elements you need to produce, up to 4 m as the biggest dimension. Precast concrete mobile machines allow you to install it at the supply location, in order to save on the transport cost. We are also a mould manufacturer and will manufacture the mould according to your exact specifications.

GEC also supply concrete blocks mobile machines, with press and tailored mould according to your specifications and models.

We ensure commissioning, after-sale during and after warranty period, and availability of spare parts. We have major references in our markets using our machines.