Established in 2015, GEC supplies and distributes in several Asia-Pacific markets, Precast concrete machinery, Construction machinery. It is also a trading partner on used machinery. Thanks to a strong industrial and export background in Europe, and knowledge of the markets we operate in, we provide Taylor made solutions to our clients and total technical support.

GEC concrete precast machinery partners with major companies to bring you the latest technologies, at efficient cost. Offering full commissioning and after-sale service, thanks to a qualified and international technical team. Mobile precast turning laying machines, concrete blocks machines or stationary such as concrete pipes vertical casting machines. Since last year GEC also provides cage welding machines in partnership with a Vietnamese manufacturer. Fully automatic and CNC machines up to 4 m diameter, with automatic change of diameter.

We offer brand new and also refurbished used machines, always with guaranty and support from our technical team.

We also supply tailored made moulds with your exact specifications and in total compliance with your drawings and standards. Moulds can be changed in a very short time, according to your production needs. Any concrete piece or element, as long as in the dimension range of the machine, is possible to manufacture. Depending on the size of your concrete elements, it is possible to reach an output up to 4 or more pieces per cycle of 10min. Compared to traditional old methods of centrifuged or wet cast concrete, this technology allows you to dramatically rocket your production and drastically reduce your labour. The mobile machines allows you to install it at your delivery location or on a particular job site or factory where the elements are needed, saving a lot on transport costs.

GEC concrete precast machinery welcomes you on its website and is at your disposal for meeting you and determine with you the optimal technical solution for your precast concrete production. Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a meeting or ask for further information and technical details of our machines.